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War Of The Mind: 2 Lies Moms Believe & The Truth

The biggest battlefield in parenting is the mind.

Two truths I struggle to walk out daily:

Lie: Being a mom means I sacrifice me and my needs to become the servant of my children’s needs and dreams.

Truth: Being a mom means I make sure I’m whole (body, soul, mind) so I can best steward my little charges from a full cup instead of burnt out fumes .

Lie: My gifts and talents are being wasted changing diapers helping with school work, cooking, cleaning, potty training etc. I’m over qualified.

Truth: I am the perfect candidate for my child’s parenting needs I’m building connections and foundations that will grow them into world changers one consistent hug and listening ear at a time.

My generation grew up being encouraged to pursue careers. To enter working fields previously only men filled. To break gender stereotypes and now as we enter parenthood....

The hardest job on the planet......

We get left feeling like we’ve “settled” for less and disappointed our peers & mentors.

Reality check: I don’t think our peers/mentors really think that as much as we think they might. And if they are I don’t think in 20 years they’ll be pitying us, but rather envying our family connections and a posterity to leave a legacy through.

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