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You Do More Than You See

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

One foot in front of the other...

Endless steps...

Strength is weakening.

WILL IT NEVER END! It feels like it repeats EVERY SINGLE DAY!

No end in site. Let's just give up. It's not worth the fight!

The peace you seek seems elusive and weak.

Causing shrouds of doubt to linger and instigate a pout that spreads from the face to the heart in what feels like the speed of a lightning spark!

Depression seeps in and worth hides it's face in the darkness of despair another morning wakes.

And the feet hit the floor with an anguished internal cry.

YOUR EFFORTS ARE INEFFECTIVE. There's no value in your call. You see the things afar but don't know where to fall. Alone and afraid the darkness seems to invade all hope and faith slowly....


to fade.

When all seems lost that quiet gentle spirit seems to whisper through the silence or was it from a distance? YOU. Come look from up here. Those trudging footsteps day after day, diffusing arguments and settling debates.

Those repetitious moments that you think will extend into the grave just look from up here and see the path you've made!

There's a mountain called peace small it may seem but a mountain just the same is a great feat to claim.

The steps you take are not in vain!

When looking at the ground all you see is what's around the pebble, the pit fall, will they ever see the sound advice you're trying to give while maintaining the lid on your anger tin?

The answer is YES dear warrior defending your home.

Those tiny little moments that seem so pointless are bringing you closer to the summit.

The Mountain of peace is not an easy one to climb but step by step with your head lifted high you'll see HOPE at the top determined to not let you stop dragging and carrying each person in your sphere a little bit closer to something you hold dear. PEACE.

Look how far you've come warrior!

Taking orders from an internal drive is much harder to do, but believe me when your prize is far greater than for just you. A life long skill most take for granted, is planted by those footsteps of a mother well granted

with days of toil and stress and travail as she seeks to teach a skill the greatest peacemakers in the world know far too well.

"Listen dear ones she says to them again, for the two-hundred and forty seventh time in their tiny extent of existence. Listen to the other and hear from their persistence! There is information lost and feelings mounting tension. The best solution to this conflict is not found in aggression but rather understanding of our differences and how to make the other feel valued and beloved. Patience in the process of listening so critical info isn't lost. Giving and loving the other over one's self is a lesson paramount to your future success so don't delay in your mastery of it." "We get it!" They say and off they go to play only for another similar encounter the next day!

Step by step with hope on the horizon keep trudging forth and you might be surprised to find yourself summiting the peak just to find the walk down is SO steep.

However the walk down is the easy part my dear! You've made it congrats they can take it from here! With just a few tweaks and encouragement now, they are rolling down this Peace mountain like a horse with a plow! Paving the way for any siblings that may make their way up the same mountain and down but this time the situation is found to be different and now that big mountain is only a mound.

Perspective is key, it's paramount you see! When your eyes are on the ground you do not see what you have found! The perseverance to step out to keep making those strides with the goal of a prize! So when despair has got you down and you feel like you're going around in circles on the ground no progress to be found....

LOOK UP and see!

You do more than you see.

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