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You do more than you see.... your work as a woman and a mother is so important and has so many invisible results we frequently take for granted. This blog and community strives to inspire and remind you of your invaluable role.
We are here for you and can’t wait to also hear from you and your battle tested strategies to healthier more peaceful living while instilling in our next generation principles that will be tools in their adult years to help them choose connection over chaos, peace over conflict, values over ease, health over indulgence, and knowledge over ignorance.


Carissa Gobble is a Third Culture Kid who grew up in four countries and four different states before the age of twelve. She works from home writing, homeschooling and educating consumers on the toxic products in their homes. She lives in the Portland, OR area with her husband, 4 children and cat.

In 2020 she published her first book, a guide for friends and family of third culture kids like herself to help them better understand the unique way they view the world. In 2022 she published her second book, a guide for consumers just starting out on reading labels and making conscious choices about the things they buy. In 2023 Carissa co-wrote a collection of mini memoirs/biographies with her godfather, Riley Taylor. That book, Becoming Jesus People Volume 1 did better than her previous two books combined. She went on in 2024 to publish a second volume of true stories and has discovered a love for telling other's testimonies. She currently has four to five more books planned for publication over the next five years on various topics.

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