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Privacy Policy: At this time the only information collected is your name and email address if you subscribe to the site and is only used to send you information when a blog post is published, or for email communication related to this blog. If you fill out a form for a sample request it is used to send you a sample and is not shared with any other parties. Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


My Disclaimers: I am not a physician and since I am not, any health and wellness suggestions I recommend in my posts I encourage you to consult with your physicians and care providers before implementing. They are not meant to substitute medical advice. Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I am also a Wellness Advocate with DoTerra and a Crunchi Advocate I can earn from your qualifying purchases from them as well. These programs allow me to earn a little bit of money from my writing and sharing and help keep me a work from home mama. I also will sometimes share pieces of my faith in my writings with the sole purpose of being authentic to who I am as I walk my motherhood adventure of defending my home.


The site rules are simple: Please be honoring to all opinions and dialogue on blog posts or forums and be respectful of all perspectives. Converse with the goal of understanding in mind. Any hate speech, vulgar language, demeaning comments or dialogue will not be tolerated in the forum or blog comments and are subject to deletion by the admin in order to preserve a respectful place of conversation for all regardless of political, religious,  ethnic, or sexual orientation. Thank you for your understanding. Any content published on this site is not to be copied or republished without consent from the author. 

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