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Moms Would Make Great UN Peacemakers

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Blessed are you peacemaker of some of the most difficult clients the world has to offer! Now boast dear warrior and defender of your home, you've made history today with that one step forward and the headlines will read you could've made peace with Germany (if you had lived in the 1940s)! Sought after are you now by the the prestigious and renowned because if you you can plant THOSE SEEDS ooooooh the FRUIT YOU WILL REEP!

So just bouncing off of the "You Do More Than You See" post which unintentionally turned into a poem. I don't exactly know why. It's just one of those things that started happening as I wrote so I went with it and bam 25min later I had a 3min post that had a beginning middle end and no idea how it happened. However the purpose of this post is a follow up to that poem post so if you haven't read it yet be sure you do here.

That poem came from a picture I saw in my head at church one day after a long period of a semi depression. I saw this image of myself carrying my kids up a mountain that previously had looked like a never ending one... step... in front.. of the other... type of deal that was SOOOO discouraging! It seemed like no matter how many times I tried to diffuse arguments and pulling toys out of each other's hands with my girls they never would remember what I taught them! I was also in the middle of terrible morning sickness at this time where I hardly wanted to leave my bed for about 2 months. It was awful knowing there was an end in site 2 MONTHS FROM NOW. So feeling very hopeless, this picture I saw of how I saw my one foot in front of the other mindlessly trudging forward vs the picture from above seeing how far I'd come up this mountain and how easy it will be coming down it made so much more sense in my brain and heart! It was hard work because it was an upward climb but each reinforced lesson was getting us closer however I couldn't see it because I wasn't looking at the big picture; I was stuck in the chaos and overwhelm of the moment. (And trust me this still happens often. I've got 3 kids 4 and younger. Goodness!) But just having that picture of a mountain in mind called Peace and conquering it with my kids gave me hope! I could replace that name with practically anything I'm working on in my home. The mountain of patience, the mountain of habits, the mountain of telling the truth etc. It's a visual that helps give me a road map now for my personal struggles in motherhood and feeling defeated many times.

When we don't have hope it wreaks havoc on our brains and emotions and physical bodies too! It's all connected! The idea of looking at this daily grind from a different perspective I could actually visualize showed me that I'm actually doing the kind of job people get paid tons of money to do and makes headlines! Like seriously I truly believe the skill you develop to diffuse toddler tantrums and sibling fights are the same tools UN peacemakers use!

And guess what....

Those UN peacemakers, the peacemakers of history, they were kids at one point too. Who do you think set them up with a foundation for the skills they needed to bring wars to an end and save countless lives. Most likely.... their parents. As I thought about the magnitude of the big picture I realized just how huge the role of a mother is in a child. Or any adult that has a say and influence in their life. They say that the first 7 years of a child's life are the most formative in their brain and how they see the world and perceive it. In my first 7 years of life I had already been exposed to and lived in 3-4 different states and 3 countries. I can see how it has effected the way I view the world and people around me. I don't remember lots of things from those first 7 years of life however I know there are so many habits and internal subconscious belief systems that are ingrained in me from that time. I don't remember much of my mom doing the things I'm doing now with my kids I just see the fruits of it in my own life. Like peace making strategies that will hopefully keep getting reinforced in my kids one tiny interaction at a time until it's just part of who they are. Then they will be equipped with tools to literally bring healing to the world around them.

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