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A Mother's Impact

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Think of one person who if they were to pass away how many lives would be impacted.

Who is that person in your life?

Now imagine, someday, your child is going to be that person to countless people.

What we invest in them today is what will impact hundreds of others in their future.

That is a monumental responsibility...

How well you follow through on what you say you are going to do sets a standard for your children.

How well you choose to listen versus brushing off their concerns or feelings is how well they will in turn learn to listen to other.

How well you use communication as a means to understand and not to convince....

You got it... they too will observe and learn to use communication to understand.

Which then in turn will show the people they talk with as adults how important they are in a conversation and relay value and maybe just maybe spread a little bit more love around the world.

Guess where it came from.


You investing in your child.

Thank you for sharing yourlove with your kids.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with your kids.

Thank you for putting off those things our culture praises you for to invest in the ripple effect your child’s character will have on the world we are growing into.

If you know someone that needs this encouragement today make sure they get this!

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