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My Faith: It's Experiential

My faith. It’s not something I talk about online often, much like other hot button topics it’s just a recipe for division and unfruitful conversation typically on a medium that only gives you 20-30% of someone’s communication.

It’s such a personal experiential thing for me that posts don’t seem to do justice nor has my audience ever been a cohesive faith based one. Mostly acquired over business ventures that dissuade you from posting such things. And I love the authentic diversity I scroll through each day with outspoken opposing options educating me on how to understand the other side.

But as I venture into more vulnerable authentic posts I’d not be true to who I was if faith was absent from my social media entirely.

I don’t hide anything but I do choose to use verbiage and terms that are relatable to the audience that has grown here following my humble little life over the inter webs. This is probably a skill learned from being a TCK and adapting to whatever culture you’re thrown into. So I use the name Isa in some conversations and Jesus in others. I use Spirit Guide in some dialogs and Holy Spirit in others. It depends on which term will better foster good communication of the ideas in my mind and feelings in my heart to the specific person in front of me.

I have values of understanding and connection and don’t have a need to prove my spirituality by discussing it on social media.

However my faith is a huge part of my life and will probably be popping up more often in future posts as I learn to walk in more authenticity and vulnerability in my online world.

It’s truly the one tangible thing that has brought me through this worldwide crisis with such peace I couldn’t replace with a sugar and Netflix fix.

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