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What if the World Needs YOU!

What If.... What if you were uniquely intentionally designed to bring an expression of love to this world that could only be expressed by you?

And that that expression of yours could change the lives of the people around you?

Would you be brave enough to try? To try loving the people in your life in a way that is uniquely you.

Because this world doesn’t need a copy cat version of sitcom idealized love... it needs actions that speak louder than words and words that melt the coldest hearts followed by authenticity and rooted in vulnerability

where it costs you something.

But in the giving you may just be surprised to discover you were designed to do this. And that when you discover that thing that thing that is out world because love is coming through and it will knock your socks off how much it fills you up when you see your thing impact the people it was meant for.

So I challenge you today to think about what unique way of loving this world were you created to express?

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