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Staying Present...

Learning to stay in the present moment is super hard for me.

Like the, smell the oranges, listen to the laughter, hear the crickets, feel the softness, embrace the warmth, let time stop. And be in the moment.

The present moment where you’re gifted with another breath.

This weekend away was incredible to get lost in time no call or screech or toddler argument to diffuse. No guilt in just being.

Walk no walk.

Lunch no lunch.

Whatever there’s no time crunch no thing to rush into.

It’s grounding. It’s healing.

It’s sanity.

As we move back slowly into the new normal of the world I hope we continue to take those moments to pause and just be present despite all the circling fears the weights and concerns the unknowns we can’t control or the things we misunderstand and just let it slide off. It’ll be there if you want to pick it up again but take those grounding moments. Those moments to just exist. And notice the present gift of the moment you are living.

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