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Is today READY for YOU?

Something that has made the biggest difference this week is taking time to get ready for the day. I don’t normally take time on what I wear or makeup or anything if there’s no place to go. But taking 5min in the morning to invest in feeling physically prepared and also emotionally prepared for the day changes my attitude.

Shifts my perspective.

Forces me into action vs just letting dishes sit or messes accumulate or chores go undone because honestly I do have more time now! I could do this chore tomorrow or that chore 5 days from now. It’s technically spring break I can let school slide... but consistently showing up.

Consistently getting ready for my day has led me to think... is this day ready for ME.

Is my mini world here ready for what I’m bringing to it today?

Because I don’t have to live life just reacting to what life throws at me.

I can make life happen. I can make love happen in my home. I can foster joy in my surroundings. I can bring a sense of order and stability while the world rages on sorting itself out on the other side of the four walls I’m confined in.

So my question for you is... Is today ready for you?

What did you bring to today that only you could bring

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