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Thankfulness In a Pandemic

This worldwide pandemic has me full of gratitude. Gratitude for the present moment.

For my crazy munchkins who are too young to notice.

For our choice to homeschool and be almost completely unaffected education wise from this whole thing.

For my husband and I being mostly self-employed and unaffected by all the restrictions.

For our really good health and no underlying issues.

For our surplus of toilet paper where we have already been able to bless another family with some! (Because we buy in bulk every 6-8months and had just gotten our order back in January).

For the sunshine providing much needed warmth and vit-d.

For our wonderful community still working to stay connected through these wonderful digital tools at our finger tips.

For the medical community. For the government. All working around the clock.

For the neighborly behavior and sense of unity I haven’t ever seen in the state, country, or the world before.

There’s so many beautiful gems of people shining in the chaos. Beacons in the darkness reminding us that there are good people in this world.

I am so grateful we are personally not significantly effected by all of this and instead can work to support those who are getting hit hard. I’m so grateful for community that chooses peace over fear and opportunities to share that peace with each other. To be in a secure place.

I know so many can’t. So many things are uncertain and changing. So many things are out of our control.

But our attitude is ours to empower. Our attitude and mindset are ours to shape.

Our external world will likely continue to look bleak. But I’m so great full to be facing this pandemic here. Right now. In this state. In this country. This planet. Despite all its problems and issues and disagreements these are the times we see what we are really made of. I’m so impressed with the gold that is being found in all of you.

And even though I’m a home bound introvert homeschooling mother of 3 kids 5 and younger I’m here just trying to bring some gratitude to your feed.

I’d love to hear some hero stories. Some gold unearthed through this crisis in the comments below. Big or small. What are you grateful for!

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