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Challenge Your Walls

The thought I’m working through today.......

Have we ever considered that the walls we build in response to being hurt, to protect ourselves, might possibly be barriers to discovering an authentic life-giving version of what we’re trying to keep away?

Is it possible that that time we reached out for something amazing and got utterly destroyed and thus created walls to avoid a similar situation, may in fact be instead keeping us chained to a story that doesn’t have to be repeated? What if we’ve grown up. What if we’ve matured. What if we let those walls down and try again. What if that thing you tried to reach for was really a counterfeit of the real thing that’s even better but you’ll never get to experience it if you don’t take another risk. Exercise courage. Be willing to get sideswiped AGAIN.

A hero isn’t born. A hero is made through the JOURNEY. The adventure. Pushing past fear.

And if the walls are too big? March around them over and over and over until the earth shakes from your faith filled footsteps, the foundations tremble, the barriers come crashing down and you walk right into your promised land.

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