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Healing From Emotional Trauma In Layers

Working through layers of trauma is exhausting...

Just when you think you’ve processed one piece and move on, a timely situation highlights more work that needs to be done.

It feels foolish. It feels like “let’s just get over this already you’re a powerful strong woman who knows her worth let’s remember that and get back to it!”

But I’m realizing that taking the time (as exhausting and seemingly unproductive or childish it may seem) to fully heal parts of your heart doesn’t mean you’re forgetting who you are but rather you’re working to bring more layers of wholeness to that already confident woman you’ve become.

Realizing how fragile you can still be and it doesn’t diminish your worth or abilities. It reminds you that humility and vulnerability are so rare in the world these days and we need more of it.

And it’s ok. It’s ok to not be ok.

To be hiding in your mini van crying one minute and laughing with your 1 year old the next.

You may be broken but broken is an illusion.

Because who in this world hasn’t been? If we are all broken in one way or another what crazy ideal are we comparing ourselves too?

The most beautiful mosaics are nothing but a bunch of broken pieces of glass. The story of what’s made from those pieces is what we see. The full, beautifully, intentionally, crafted picture.

Not the little broken pieces.

Be kind to yourselves today my friends. We are all still in process.

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