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Community Help In Healing

Community... I used to crave it... Then I was terrified of it...

Then I gave God permission to let me be hurt by it again if it was the possible cost of connection.

Because in this world people are imperfect. We make mistakes. There are misunderstandings. There is offense.

We can become hardened and untrusting or we can become wise.

We can try to avoid everything that might bring us into a similar situation at the cost of joy, love, connection...

Or we can choose to forgive, move on and give it another chance.

Because this life is too big, too wonderful, too messy, too crazy to be lived alone.

You can’t have the oxytocin high of a baby snuggled on your chest without sometimes getting the low point diaper explosion (well maybe the grandparents can).

And it’s in those messy moments that we need community the most.

Those times when we think we had it all figured out years ago to realize... wait.... maybe I need to work on this. Maybe I’ve still got some healing left to do. Some limiting beliefs or old survival techniques that served me well in that moment but now need to be let go.

Sometimes you just have to cry.

Hopes destroyed. Time lost. Relationships in turmoil. Connections shattered. Death of dreams.

Intangible sometimes but they need to be grieved.

Otherwise piece by piece they’ll resurface. And in those moments. You need a community.

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