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Experiencing Others Testimonies

When I was a teen I had this strange idea I needed to go off and live life so Jesus could save me and I’d finally have a testimony and story to share like so many of my friends. The irony that a testimony of my own was transpiring as I even thought that isn’t lost on me and someday I’ll tell that story publicly but what amazes me is the fact that I now get to tell other peoples stories I get to live vicariously through their eyes imagining what it’s like to go from high on drugs (which I had to research) to saved and transformed for life by the person of Jesus. To see evidence of the same God in the 1970s that was in the 1990s and 2000s. The one I know and the one they know. The same yesterday today and forever. There’s power in hearing someone tell their story and I think there’s significance to this next book coming out in a month that I don’t fully understand yet. The process of writing it has left its mark on my own heart for various reasons and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon  

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