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The Magical Moments of Motherhood

Most of the time Motherhood feels like house keeping. “Put that away,” on repeat x100 and keeping up with the latest creative mess. Never ending, non-stop house keeping. But there are these beautiful moments when you get to just jump on a trampoline with your kids, or laugh at the toddlers new attempt at a word, and get to just “Be” with them. But the really magical moments for me lately have been the spontaneous conversations. “Mom…E. Said the second kid is always the bravest” well what does it mean to be brave? When have you done something brave? Do you think that’s dependent on birth order?

“What is divorce?”, “why do people like to be funny?”, “what does satan look like?”, “do chickens mate like ducks do?” yes. Yes they do.  these are the magical mom conversations where it feels like real parenting. I may doubt if they will ever learn to keep anything tidy and clean but I don’t doubt the significance of these conversations while they still hang on every word I say. Those are the magical moments of parenting I wake up excited to find in the midst of the never ending housekeeping. How cool is it to get to have these precious moments

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