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I am not super mom

I am not super mom.

I’m embarrassed when my husband brags about how many things I do from directing a homeschool community, to writing, to broadcast producing, to toxin free living workshops etc. Especially when you also hear I have four kids and homeschool.

Am I afraid I’m doing too much and my kids or marriage will suffer?


Have I had seasons of nothing going on in my life.


Am I a better mother and wife in those seasons? Nope.

I actually discovered I stay better connected to the things that matter most in my busier seasons of life.

Do I say yes to everything? Goodness no! 

Am I skilled in multiple things? Yes.

Do I have a variety of passions? Yes.

The amazing thing is that as we prayerfully consider each project or job and commitment I make it ends up working out when we listen to the Lord and let Him lead us.

I may appear to be an overachieving mom and I can get self conscious about that. And fall into the trap of fearing what people think.

But what people don’t see though is the fact that I have three sets of grandparents that help me consistently.

I have a husband that helps in a lot of non traditional husband role ways.

I also have had to let my standards of cleanliness and organization go. Laundry 30% of the time sits in a hamper or dryer or needs to be rewashed. 

Where some moms might knit, do lots of play dates, garden, have a part time job…I write books 

And the homeschooling thing… I was raised that way, I saw the difference in my education vs that of my peers my freshman year of college. It doesn’t intimidate me, and there’s way more resources homeschooling in the USA 25 years later than there was overseas when I was growing up.

Moral of this post is please don’t compare yourself with seemingly high achieving people. That’s just a standard of the world.

It’s not about what we do…but rather how we are stewarding what’s been given to us to the best of OUR ability.

My gifts and skills are different than yours. What causes me stress may be a breeze to you. You are your own unique super mom, you do things that would stump me! And God gave me my kids and you yours. There’s so many great ways to be a super mom so go out and rock it

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