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Day in the life...


ready for a day in the life of the Gobbles…

of epic proportions…

Drama #1 - lunch after Judah had fallen asleep on the way to and from church (messing up nap time schedule) consisted of him sitting on dads lap & choking on a too long piece of food. I had to grab him from dad and do the inclined back smack which didn’t work x3 but then I found I could pull the thing out of his throat to clear the airway  ok… lunch continues

Drama #2 a half hour later I’m sitting with Joelle on my bed quizzing her for memory master and BAM! CRASH! SQUEALING TIRES! We look out the bedroom window to see a white SUV finishing its spin from a collision at the notorious intersection on the corner of our house (that thankfully crashes have decreased since they put up a no turn left system but people still go around the barrier illegally.) Still running on a rescue adrenaline rush from saving Judah at lunch I run outside to see if anyone is hurt but they are all walking around and 911 already called and we find out yes someone tried to do an illegal u-turn paramedics take driver of white suv to hospital from air bag injuries.

Drama #3 “It’s 3pm Carissa we have to go” Andy says as I’m back to memory master work with Joelle, “ok are we dressed ok for the service” I ask as I look down at my jeans & plaid Ezelle had requested I wear to church with her today to match her. It’s the most put together I’ve been all week but I wasn’t sure about the memorial service for some dear Gobble family friends. “Oh ya we’re fine.” He responded & my mom who’d arrived to watch the girls agreed but did call out Andy’s lovely cell phone wear ring on his pocket  off we went leaving kids with mom for 2hours.

Drama #4 on the free way we watch a long black object come flying off the wind shield wiper on the driver side and a loud screeching sound ensuewe’ve just lost a wiper blade & now the windshield is getting scratched in a wide curve thankfully rain stopped and we finished the drive…

Back to Drama #3 we walk into the church to discover we are the only ones in jeans out of the almost 200 people there

Drama #5 the 2hours of childcare is past and the service isn’t done but my mom has to get home  I slip out and Andy’s brother offers him a ride home so he can stay and pay respects and connect with his family friends while I attempt to get home with one windshield wiper and thankfully beat rain clouds home to feed hungry children

And this ends our dramatic Sunday tale… excuse me while I climb down from this adrenaline filled day into prep for the last CC day and I reflect on what legacy looks like generationally. I hope we can leave a legacy like this sweet couple did that were family friends of the Gobbles we got to learn about today. But first I have to keep the kids alive so Andy is now registered for a cpr class Saturday  and he replaced the windshield wiper.

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