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One Choice

One choice in one moment can shift the entire direction of your life…or the lives around you.

One choice.

These past two weeks I’ve been arrested with this concept of the power of a choice. It’s not often we get a glimpse of what could have been. Had we chosen the other route.

Last weekend I discovered had I taken a job three years ago I said no to, I’d now be listing a major Oscar winning film on my resume. But I didn’t go that route. I went a different path.

Fifteen years ago someone I loved deeply was given a choice… heal or stay in a destructive pattern and until this week I always thought the devastating outcome of his choice was inevitable, I’d tried to understand it, but now I see it.

I see this beautiful merciful setup God had placed before him to bring him wholeness in the most supported way possible and his choice. His personal choice to not take it.

It wasn’t supposed to end in traumatic chaos. It was meant to be a redemptive story. A choice that led to healing, breakthrough, and radical repentance but he didn’t choose that path.

The ripple effects of that single choice are still felt fifteen years later. What could have been.

The reconciliation that could have happened.

The repair to the relationships I dreamed for years might still happen but never did. And all the revelations three years ago that rocked my world and propelled me into a freedom I didn’t know was possible. The power of a choice.

Had I taken that job three years ago would Judah even exist? Would I have three books published? Would my relationships with my kids and husband be as good as they are now 

Choices. Some have smaller impact. But some, some set a course for the rest of your life and reverberate decades into the future…

What choices are in your life right now?

Do you have the guide that can steer you gracefully onto the right track and mercifully make a way back when you slip off?

Because without that presence of someone that sees all the choices from outside of time guiding us, our choices can becoming wrecking balls.

But with it…with it, we are able to bypass the things that look good & go for the best. We can be a force that brings life & hope into the lives around us.

Choose well friends

The wisest man in history said “seek wisdom, get understanding” and thousands of years later it still holds true...

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