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Author Interview: Maryann Landers

I'm so excited to share an author interview with Maryann Landers. We found some cool similarities between both being homeschool moms and connecting over our common theme of telling true stories in a more fiction style of writing with assumed dialogue.

As an Alaskan based author Maryann writes women’s faith filled fiction based on true stories of extraordinary women of my magnificent state showcasing the unique north and giving readers a little taste of rustic Alaska. While writing in her log home in the woods she also looks forward to her next adventure with her Alaskan husband, juggling mom tasks such as crafting homemade meals from moose and caribou meat, building DIY projects from scrap wood piles and guiding her teens in their homeschooling.

How would you describe the genre that you write?

When you choose a genre you’re doing your best to find the audience who will most enjoy your

stories. I write for those who enjoy Christian Women’s fiction. The novels are inspired by true

stories of Alaskan adventure with spiritual encouragement.

What do you want your readers to gain from your stories?

I want for my readers to not only be entertained by the stories but to learn about our life here in

Alaska while being challenged in their faith.

Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written? And why?

I’m not very good at picking favorites. However, the story that flowed most naturally and in my

experience was the most propelled by the Holy Spirit is the first book in my newest series, Call

to Embrace. It is a novel based on the true story of a young woman who I was introduced to

when she was going through a very difficult time and wanted to abort her unborn child.

What is the most challenging part of your writing and publishing?

Marketing is the most challenging part for me. Finding creative ways to reach readers when you

first begin as an author is very difficult and takes time.

Tell us a little bit about the world you live in and how your writing fits in.

I live in rural Alaska a log home. My husband and I have three kiddos, one of which has grown

and flow. I’ve homeschooled all our kids and devote time to their education and I find snippets of

time to devote to writing as a stay at home mom. Most of my writing I accomplish in the depths

of forty below in the cozy season of winter.

Do you have a writing mentor or anyone that has inspired you? In our little town of barely over one thousand people there are a number of authors here and we are close friends, Sara Blackard and Jodi Basye are both indie published authors and we meet with another friend who is working towards traditional publishing. They’ve all been a huge encouragement to me.

Describe your current book in 10-15 words for those who are first hearing about it.

Prodigal discovers the love of the heavenly Father in the remote corners of Alaska.

What inspired the idea for your book?

A new family came to town temporarily and I heard snippets of her story in Sunday school and

invited her over to talk more about the path that led her to where she is now.

How do you celebrate when you’ve published one of your books?

It’s looked different every time. With my first book I bought myself a lap top and a “cool” back

pack. With the second book we went out for supper as a family. Third one I didn’t do anything

official but with the fourth I traveled to Wrangell, Alaska where the book is set and did some

formal events there. The Christmas novella went out to the world without any fan fare and same

as the last one in November. Sounds like I need to spice things up a bit!

------ Thanks Maryann for sharing with us! Check out her Alaskan Women of Caliber Series here. Or check out her latest book here it is an excellent fit for readers looking for fiction that highlights the sanctity of life. You can listen to an audiobook sample on her website at and learn about her inspiration to write about her first novel.

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