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Three Books Later...

I couldn’t have written this book four years ago. I had a hard time letting myself have any sort of significant conversation with Riley, let alone co-author a book with him. Even though we’d been in their homegroup for years, friends for a decade, and even on a mission trip overseas together, my fears kept me locked up from any form of spiritual fathers.

As I pondered what to write about next, that story, my story was a contender. I’ve written pieces of it before but it was before everything that came to light four years ago.

After this third book I can’t call writing a hobby any more it’s what I do, it’s part of who I am. I am an author, and authors write.

I will tell my story eventually, some of you know it already, I’m fine sharing in person, but it’s a timing thing in sharing it publicly, and will be a big probably two part project since healing happened in two phases a decade apart.

But right now, others stories are where I feel the Lord’s grace on sharing. So…

If you didn’t catch my stories a few weeks ago, Becoming Jesus People: Volume 2 is coming in 2024 

Started booking interviews today. Who‘s excited!?

What stories do you hope to see in it?

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