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Beauty & The Human Experience

There are few things that consistently draw awe from any human on the planet.

A baby’s laugh, a spectacular sunset, a first snow.

No matter the century or culture there’s some things that will always make us stop and wonder....

Can you imagine how George Washington or Mother Teresa, or Nelson Mandela, or Marco Polo, Martin Luther King or even Jesus at some point in their life stopped and stared at a sunset?

How amazing is it that we get to share human experiences on earth that the generations past got to experience that every person on the planet poor, rich, young, old, all elicit the same reaction.

Those things that connect us in a common human experience.

So much of our world right now is about embracing differences or the lack of it but what about the things that bind us together as a human race?

The things that make us the same?

Did you know disgust is an emotion/facial expression recognized in all cultures and so is happiness and a smile....

There’s so much diversity on our planet that makes the human experience beautiful but there is also so much commonality and genetic “humanness” we often forget.....

Like the power of a sunset.

The magic of a butterfly flying.

The laughter of a baby.

The waves on the shore.

And so much more.......

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