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Hormonal Mother Rant

This first trimester season has probably been the second hardest physical thing I’ve lived through. Slowly coming out of it but after 6 hopeful days of not throwing up I’ve had 3 days of loosing dinners. Once in the car (I travel with bags for this reason just never had to use one before).

I’m so thankful for pockets of energy coming back and how much time I get with my kids but the house is crazy the laundry crazy consistent boundaries crazy and sometimes I internalize outside world critique of why 4 kids is too many, my other kids will suffer for it, the world is too crazy to bring in another child right now etc. etc. but I got to see an early ultrasound at 13 weeks (usually we only do one at 18/20weeks) and it totally made me cry!

There’s a living moving little human being in there depending on me for life support! How amazing is it that only a woman can still have the privilege of growing life and sustaining the human race? Not even science has been able to recreate the magic of a mother’s uterus.

As physically exhausting and debilitating as this season has been for the past two months it’s been beautiful to see how helpful our community is and getting that visual proof of what was previously unseen is incredible. This little person is already making a big grand entrance and impact on our lives and who knows what future they have in store. But they are wanted and we are so grateful to get to include them in our family this year.

And honestly how funny is it that you can have people that are like life is life is life yet when you intentionally choose to conceive life after having three kids already there’s hesitation and questioning and concern? I find it so funny how much our society has changed from children being a blessing to being a burden? What is it about 4 vs 3 kids?

Sure they make it harder to do things and require a lot from you but what better use of your time can you find than investing and growing the next generation in a happy messy loving sometimes chaotic but healthy home?

I know it’s not the popular women’s role in this culture but it’s still one of the most important jobs in the world.

(Hormonal mother rant over)

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