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It fills my heart from a source older than time.

It whispers a gentle courage that wasn’t there before.

It quiets the rumblings of self-preservation that lead to its arch-nemesis: fear.

Fear of the perception of others. Fear of failure. Fear of disconnect in relationships.

Tingling sensations in my physical body start unprovoked as my spirit responds to the Creator’s touch. A humbling presence that makes you feel insignificant & yet cherished beyond measure simultaneously.

Something bigger than myself. Something old, wise, tangible. Someone that imparts wisdom and also science defying, mind blowing, physical manifestations of existence.

These are the types of life altering encounters I want for my kids.

Encounters with a living God that cares about the little things, still works miracles, and turns devastation into victory.

I spend most my days hoping to get a few things done and can get distracted by good things or the gifts from a Heavenly Father that are subpar to the giver. The one waiting with a listening ear, a comforting embrace and a treasure trove of grace.

I can’t ever bring my children into a relationship with this diety. It has to be something they choose. But I can model a relationship and show them the fruit of it in our family and life choices.

I can model growth. I can model humility. I can model generosity. I can model courage.

I can bring them diverse perspectives and the beauty of God’s creation. And I can walk them through hard times by pointing them to the source of strength.

I can model admitting when I’m wrong & being open to new ideas. I can also model sticking to your values when it’s not the popular opinion and you are shamed because of them.

I can be the referee & teach peacemaking skills. I can model self discipline & moderation. I can model failure. I can model a love for learning and understanding. I can teach communication skills & self management. I can encourage boundaries and hospitality. I can model thoughtfulness and community.

I can be a mom.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the amazing qualities you see in your kids? Could they be that way because they first saw it in you

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