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We Are Daughters Before Mothers

Before we are mothers we are daughters.

Daughters to our own mothers.

We celebrated them today knowing they come in all shapes and sizes physical and spiritual.

Understanding and loving them more as we became mothers ourselves.

But before we were mothers we were daughters.

I have exceptional parents. But I continue to learn what it means to be a daughter. It’s foundational because no matter how many other roles we have we anchor ourselves in identity as daughters of a creator.

These are the things I’m learning and hope to pass on as a mother to my own daughters:

Daughters are unconditionally loved. They are designed to be recipients of love, carriers of love, and distributors of love. Daughters are provided for physically, spiritually, emotionally. Daughters are worthy of time and listening ears. Daughters are thought about & seen. Daughters are watched over, protected, and given space to make mistakes, messes, and explore the world. Daughters are celebrated & encouraged. Daughters have the ear of their father night or day. Daughters are part of a family they are never alone. They have a home. A place to belong. Daughters carry the family dna and the unique ability to form, protect, and nourish new life. Daughters are meant to go farther than their mothers. They honor their legacy and sacrifice by standing on their parents foundation & moving forward. Daughters are worthy of respect from themselves & others. Daughters manifest a beauty divinely designed as an expression of the crown of creation. The finishing touch to a most astonishing masterpiece of a world. Daughters wield the authority of their father to bring blessing & favor of the family business & name into new spheres.

Daughters become mothers.

Mothers have daughters.

And the way we view our significance, our purpose in this universe matters. It matters to our mental and physical health. It matters in our ability to have strong healthy relationships with others. And it matters in our daily motherly tasks that can seem mundane and pointless.

But a mother who knows she’s first a daughter and whose daughter she is can change the world.

Happy Mother’s Day

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