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critical, worried, selfish, exhausted, lazy mother??

I think I’ve fostered an orphan mindset in my child to where every special mom interaction with the other siblings breaks their heart...

Or wait... maybe it’s just normal sibling rivalry?

I am not consistent with boundaries and my kids know it. Empty threats and ultimatums. Such little follow through...Am I turning into the free for all parent with spoiled children?

Or is it just every mother’s battle against the easy way out in the moment vs the long term values.

I am a terrible steward of my house. My kids have written all over the walls and furniture (increasingly since the handwriting skills are improving) there are stains in the carpet I promise myself I’ll get to someday. Even though I’ve promised myself this for a year. Am I raising children to not respect the blessings they’ve been given and treat things with respect because I’m too lazy to think up a strategy to correct it? Because making them clean it requires things that can actually get crayon off of paint, or take all the writing apparatuses away until I can trust them with them again, but then that requires a place I can put them other than where they are now? And that whole brain process is too much to figure out so I just do nothing

Or is it just not a battle worth fighting right now?

We don’t pay attention to how much the kids did or did not eat and what constitutes “done” is different every single meal mostly depending on how much capacity the parents have left to uphold the boundaries.

Or is it just that season in life you survive through and worry about nutrition levels and dinner etiquette levels when your brain is less exhausted?

These are the thoughts of a critical, worried, selfish, exhausted, lazy mother....

Or could they maybe really be the thoughts of a caring, nurturing, attentive, in tune, diligent mother that is doing her best....

How hard the job can be to reframe the negative self talk into affirmation that motivates you forward to take just one little step tomorrow in the direction you need to grow in as a parent.

Just one step at a time.

Strengthening one weak spot at a time and extending yourself copious amounts of grace in the process

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