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Clean up on aisle...2 days ago?

Today’s 60s housewife look is brought to you by clean up cat throw up on aisle well the aisle that was 2 days ago and no one noticed.

And the toilet that for some unknown reason needed plunging that got laughs from the pant-less baby because for some reason the elastic in his pants that worked yesterday doesn’t today?

I guess it’s pay back for making him wear the same outfit two days in a row

oh and then I put the wash load in the dryer before it had even entered the washing machine (dry clothes don’t need drying Carissa). Common.

Thankfully I did save the baby’s blanket from him pouring paint brush water all over it!

Motherhood is a job that doesn’t stop even when you just walked through the most emotionally intense 4 weeks of probably the past 9 years of your life and you’re still left reeling and processing all the goodness and abundance you didn’t realize was all around you and available to you.

What’s beautiful about being a mom in this process is that kids don’t care about your emotional state they just love you. And they bring random but therapeutic bouts of joy into any heavy emotion you might be feeling in the moment.

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