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Healing Milestone!

When you realize you just went through one of those weeks which should’ve felt overwhelming and defeating and emotionally draining from like 6 different unique unexpected situations.

Yet unlike past months it felt more like the game of ping pong. Ouch ya this sucks wait never mind it will all be fine. Bounce back. Not ignoring the feelings but feeling them giving space for them and then not letting them take up too much mental space and energy where they steal your peace for too long.

I don’t really know what specifically it was that made this week so much different than other times in my life where it seems when it rains it pours but being daily tapped into a source of hope and consistently refocusing my mind and thoughts seems to have made it easy to navigate and just keep swimming without getting burnt out.

Do I dare say I’m growing in emotional and mental intelligence where a week like this previously could’ve taken me out but now it’s uncomfortable but doable! You guys! Seriously!

You can’t change what life brings you but you can change you! And your responses and your self talk and monitor your inner dialogue on how hard you are on yourself and the people around you. I’ve been really challenged recently to start seeing unexpected, uncomfortable, even scary and overwhelming situations as opportunities. Starting to take time to wonder...hmmm... what would happen if hope invaded this situation?

What would happen if redemption and restoration were possible here? What would happen if love got invested here? What kind of incredible light at the end of the tunnel awaits me?

This is not wishful thinking it’s reality clashing with a mindset and filter of hope where all things eventually work for good wether I can see it or not.

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