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Rewriting The Trauma Narrative - Part 1

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

When you live through a trauma that isn’t fully validated or your side of the story isn’t fully believed and you’re more the bystander and only a victim of the consequences of others’ actions, it’s easy to doubt.

It’s easy to be torn between what you know is truth and what you want to be true.

To doubt the narrative.

To have questions on the narrative you’re told.

But then if you stumble upon something that brings public validation to it where there’s no denying it. You end up having to rewrite the story from the new point of view.

A more complete and whole point of view. An adult perspective.

Any hints of doubt disappear. And you’re left with the cold hard reality yet again. No escape.

These past 5 days have left me raw as I process more to my story. As I watch my community love me in ways I never dreamed possible.

In giving them permission to care for me in ways I didn’t think were maybe even culturally appropriate.

And I’m left astounded and wrecked by the beauty of vulnerability and how humility and courage can open doors of your heart you’ve left locked to fear of the other side. Robbing yourself of the possibility of hope on the other side of the risk.

Be brave friends! And be gracious to yourself. We are all in process.

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