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Time for Weeping Time For Rejoicing

Who else gets frustrated with the journey!

I love me a good truth to replace a limiting belief. But there’s some experiences in life that it seems we are meant to journey through. Not just a quick snap of the fingers and moving on. Denying any less than positive feeling a foothold.

I’ve discovered layers upon layers of fascinating things about myself and how I think and in turn interact with others by simply letting myself grieve things and time that was lost.

Like for example I didn’t realize how much I needed to give myself grace.

Or that I’d cut myself off from certain expressions of family I assumed were unsafe.

So many things make sense.

As a TCK that moved countries multiple times there’s a lot of grief that I didn’t understand how to process.

Some traumas we just pushed through.

Hopes that never came to fruition.

An ancient text says, hope deferred makes the heart sick and that same text says there is time for weeping and time for rejoicing.

I feel like in this process I’m a big muddle of the two with progress and then new layers to peel back. It’s such a beautiful journey but not always an easy or fast one.

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