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Election Chaos Response

Yesterday & election night was rough. It felt like this roller coaster of ups & downs of hope & anxiety & a huge draw to constantly check the non existent or slow updates.

I did my best to get ready for the day with a full face of make up & leaving the phone where it was less within reach. Doing school & toy room cleanup with the kids. But I failed miserably at my internal dialog of “Jesus is still king. My hope is not in government or people.“ until we got to be with community & encourage our faith & realize the whole nation on both sides of this vote are kind of going through this similar experience.

As divided as we are (sadly in a country that part of its name is “United”) we are all human. And we are all navigating this experience with different hopes different fears different life experiences & different beliefs & values. But I hope we can remember our neighbor in this & kindness & be the change vs placing our hopes in elected officials who no matter how good or awful they seem are all still flawed too.

As much power as they seem to have we are individually ultimately responsible for our actions & responses. Am I going to let uncertainty steal my peace?

I’m trying not to.

I’ve lived in a country with a monarchy.

I’ve lived in a country where there wasn’t freedom of religion & torture in prison was normal.

I’ve lived in a country where beheadings & religious village war & terrorism were normal.

The U.S.A. well, we have been there too.

We have been so divided we went to war with each other.

My prayer is that we can learn to listen to each other again to heal division, have conversations that seek to understand even if we don’t agree. Love one another no matter our age, gender, skin color, religion, or who we voted for. We don’t all have to be friends but we are all still Americans. We have been to war & back again in our history but I am choosing to cling to hope we can try to heal the divide while still respecting each others differences.

However avoiding the news & socials since yesterday afternoon with its real heaviness & uncertainty has been helpful so I will continue it & choose to put my hope in God not election results.

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