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We Rode Camels Not Horses...

(I’m from...Earth? Book excerpt)

“Just think about how many stories you have to tell when you come back from a trip overseas. Third Culture Kids have those stories, but theirs are even more hilarious and often more serious. Instead of horses, we rode camels. Instead of waiting for Black Friday for sales, terrorist attacks (whose bombs literally shook our house) brought hot tourist destination prices to an all time low. Instead of Saturday trips to the park, we had Saturdays in the warm Pacific Ocean water. Instead of rating the hotness or cuteness of the popular guy in school, we rated pilots on their airplane landings.

We have unique perspectives because of our upbringing and experiences and we really would love to be better understood.

Instead of hiding in plain sight, some of us would rather be obvious in plain sight, and that’s what I hope to help our non-TCK friends and family to better understand about us. I hope to better equip you to engage with us and get the most out of your relationship with us. And maybe just maybe, to help you better spot us hiding in plain sight around you, your living breathing Google search just one “Hello” away.”

Did you get your free Kindle copy yet!

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