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You Get A CHOICE In Healing Trauma

What’s beautiful is that with the trauma healing process YOU GET A CHOICE.

You didn’t really have choices in the trauma that occurred but in your healing process you do. You can pick it up when you want to put it down when you need to. There’s no deadline.

In my task oriented mind this is so hard to grasp because if I see a next thing to work on I jump right in. December was a lot of that. Pushing past fears I’d never experienced before and then reaping the almost un-believable reward on the other end of it: a love I’d not let myself receive or believe possible.

But then I’d see a new piece of the puzzle left undone and tackle that. To the point of exhaustion.

Learning it’s ok to know your weaknesses, your triggers, your fears that still need to be faced and just take a break.

Live in the humility that you’re still in process and enjoy the fruits of the intense labors you just won as you conquered appetite loosing, can’t get off the floor type fears.

Leave the next battle for a future date. Recuperate.

And see the life changing process you just walked through together with your community for what it is, not just one more lesson learned but rather, a victory worth celebrating!

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