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Rewriting The Trauma Narrative - Part 2

For those that have ever worked through a fear so strong you loose sleep, your appetite, your ability to make eye contact, and are physically trembling.... I want to tell you you’re not alone.

This week I’ve experienced a fear to that level. The type so crippling I could only sit on the floor.

It was a new experience for me at this intensity and I had intentionally put myself into the situation.

Because I knew I had to face it.

It was limiting my ability to live a fully free life.

But my encouragement to you dear friend is you don’t have to face it alone.

The struggle and internal battle is worth the reward on the other side.

I’m still left completely stunned by my community and their ability and willingness to support me and stand beside me as I did something really scary.

As I let a wall down I previously didn’t even realize existed. And in that step of courage that took every emotional and physical ounce of energy I had, I found a freedom worth the effort.

A hope thought lost.

Painful memories rewritten.

And a level of love worth fighting for.

Find your people. Find your family. Find your community.

Risk trusting.

And then reap the reward you were created for.

A life full of love.

Because perfect love is the antidote to any fear.

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