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Stuck At Home & Life Moves On....

Nature continues to move on. Life continues to move on. Seasons continue to change. Kids continue to grow. Flowers bloom. Rain comes. Sun shines. Earth continues to spin.

No matter how much we may feel like life has stopped or been put on pause. It’s really still moving.

Every hour. Everyday. It’s still moving.

We wake up each day one earth rotation older than yesterday. 24hrs gone. We get to decide how we’ll use the next 24. The next 48. The next 7 rotations of our planet. How will we spend them?

Will we spend them checking the news every couple minutes?

Will we spend what limited emotional capacity we have at our disposal on things we can’t control or will we spend it making moments and memories with those we love.

Making new routines.

Pivoting with the times and adjusting to new normals.

What has been one of the hardest things for you to pivot with in your life regarding all of these changes/uncertainties?

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