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Restoration of The Lost Things

What if things you lost could be restored?

Things you never dreamed possible became reality. And heartache and pain of the past make way for beautiful unfolding stories of restoration, transformation and healing.

Is it the same? No. But I’m not the same.

How can I expect something restored or healed to be what it was? Not possible.

I’m not what I was.

How can I expect something healed to feel the same? Not possible because through healing you grow and it can end up being even better than before. Almost to the point of wow is this real life is God this good to me? Do I get to feel loved like this? How is this legal? And then any doubts get washed away in seeing the fruit of the lives around you who are impacted by your courageous yet terrifying choices to pursue love and reject fear.

What if it’s possible?

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