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Internal Isolation: A Coping Habit

Isolation.... Emotional Mental. Physical. Social....

There’s lots of forms. There’s the, act like everything’s fine, while you meltdown inside type. There’s the I am overwhelmed I can’t handle it I’ll avoid people kind. And even the legally enforced kind we’ve recently been exposed to.

But man there’s so much freedom in breaking that isolation wall down and letting others see into your internal world. Those that genuinely want to understand how you think, what drives you, what values you have, and don’t give you easy answers to your questions and in turn have great questions of their own.

Those that don’t feel as if they have to help you fix your stuff but can sit and just say ya, that really sucks or just cry with you.

Once you find those people it can get addicting. Freedom is addicting and contagious! And soon your radar for noticing limiting beliefs in your life becomes like a sixth sense!

Internal isolation has been a common friend for me for a long time but risk+trust+buckets of love = courage to let people get a glimpse of the masterpiece being written on your heart and life and maybe just maybe that gold that they see and you don’t always believe will begin to feel like reality because you are no longer cycling through isolation’s door repeating false truths or fears that are only fully real in your mind. But until you take that step and let someone see and maybe help walk you out of that hall of mirrors... you’ll never really know the freedom that risk can give you on the other side.

Anyone else been friends with isolation? Still my biggest coping strategy a lot of the time. Working on breaking the habit!

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