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Rocky Terrain of Trauma Triggers

It’s hard.

Like trying to navigate rocky terrain.

Get off balance and you can have a nasty fall.

Processing trauma can be like that.

It can feel like 10 steps forward and 5 steps back and look like to others that you aren’t making progress but guess what it’s not their process it’s yours.

Maybe they went through something worse and got through their process faster than you. Well that’s their process not yours.

I don’t think I fully understood what trauma triggers were until the past few years even though I’d experienced versions of them before hand.

I had a huge trigger on Sunday that left me feeling kind of paralyzed emotionally and spiritually for a few hours. But like walking on rocks, what threatened to make me fall only kept me off balance for a little while. When I remembered “this is a normal response, it will pass” worked to reframe the memory and was open with my community on where I was at. This is progress.

Part of owning the truth can result in some heavy weighty almost knock you off your feet processing moments but also some really great smooth sand is just waiting at the end of those balancing act navigations! Tread carefully and we’ll be there in our own timing at our own pacing because the rocks in front of me look different than the rocks in front of you.

Be kind to yourselves friends!

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