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A Year of Transformation

This was my 4th year as the coordinator of this yearly event even though I’ve participated for 10 years in various capacities. There honestly wasn’t a whole lot to do since we scaled it way back. And I’m left floored by actually the change in my own life so dramatically in one year.

Things that left me crippled in fear last year I openly freely walk into now. And it fills my heart so much I’m like how did I ever do life well before this freedom!

The event went great. Small things and definitely different atmosphere from previous years with all the shops boarded. It’s interesting last year there were riot police and the FBI and hunkering down out of the way of potentially violent protesters in the last half of the day and this year there was a different version of fear to diffuse. And it was beautiful to see so many people wanting to bring love into this beautiful city.

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