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Try Again Tomorrow: Succumbing to Disappointment

Last night I went to bed with every intention of waking up with hope to tackle the day despite the disappointments I was hit with.

Determined to not let it keep me from enjoying the beautiful richness of what it is to be blessed with & entrusted with 3 little humans. To get a whole ‘nother' day being their mom enriching their lives with home education snuggle time & probably dance parties to help shift moms mood.

Well... that didn’t happen.

Well you see it did. It did for about 10min this morning but then I lost it. Lost it to my disappointments of multiple things hoped for & dreamt of for the entirety of the year.

Like what did I expect? It is 2020 you know. Well apparently my grasping at straws to stay afloat in the redirected hope boat didn’t amount to much when the day looks like:

Cleanup cat throw up x2

Toddler got the oatmeal (like instant oats no flavor uncooked) and is stuffing his face with it like candy (did we starve him to the point he thinks they’re tasty raw???)

Broken hamper, broken kids table.... (technically from day before) thankful for

Lindsay’s reinforcements around lunch time and then nap time was a...

“Simon get back in bed!” (He won’t nap because we had to wash his blanket he got soy sauce on (don’t ask me how) )

“Ezelle get back in bed!” (As she tries to sneak into my bedroom unknowing I’m sitting on the floor trying to regain my peaceBUSTED girl! Can still outsmart the 4 year old thank God!)

This happens for about 2-3hrs.

You’d think bedtime would roll around and be awesome! Wrong...

E when she hears Dad on the phone “I need to go potty!” Dad: “you just went! Go back to bed” (this is a nightly get out of bed excuse) E: “but then I’ll go on the floor!” Dad: “then go on the floor!” E: goes into room shuts door angrily then 30seconds later comes out “daddy I went on the floor”

Mommy comes to enforce “we clean up our messes we make” enters girls room and E says with all the sass of a 15 year old... “daddy said I couldn’t go potty so I peed on the floor I told him I had to go”

Here’s to trying again tomorrow friends! Try again tomorrow!

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