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Cold/Flu/Virus Protocol (Part 5): Homeopathy

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

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This a newer area I’m learning about and research is hit or miss on its effectiveness and why but it’s such a diluted substance and works for everyone in the family it’s one of those why not try it things and I have personally seen it work for myself.

The premise of homeopathy is not new it’s pretty old and is based on the idea of similar things. If this plant can cause this reaction in your body could a tiny tiny tiny dose be used to elicit that response from your body in a different similar situation to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself?

I was first introduced to Phytolacca Decandra by my midwife for a touch of mastitis. It worked and I’ve used it for it’s intended labeled purpose too “sore throats” I had never had a sore throat disappear in less than 24hrs like it did.

Pulsatilla was recommended to me by a natropath friend for my kids when they had a lingering runny nose.

Ocillicocium we used in this last bout of a virus we went through and it’s support for more flu type symptoms.

With homeopathics it’s really necessary to know which one is the right one for which situation to see an effective result.

Have you ever used homeopathics? I have a friend about to do a class to teach on them virtually and in person locally let me know if you’re like me and curious to learn more about how these work! I can send you class info as I learn more.

*again I am not a doctor I am only sharing things that have worked for us and that I keep on hand. Please consult your primary care provider for remedies that will work for you.


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