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Cold/Flu/Virus Protocol (Part 6): Elderberry & Gloss

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Chapped lips come with congestion and as much as I’ve tried chapsticks and lip balms nothing. Nothing, has worked better than this Hydrogloss by Crunchi. I know it's so strange but within hours of application my lips are coming back to life it is just that nourishing. So if you can tollerate glossy lips for a few hours use it!


This berry has been getting a lot of trend lately for it's immune boosting properties. I start my kids on it before flu season and school starts to try and give them a boost. I have a whole post about elderberry syrup to make or buy it but I found that getting an Elderberry Elixir like this one from Earthley or this one from MaryRuth's is a lot easier. My kids still love it and it's not added more sugar to their diet and it is more easily storable and no more sticky messes!

You can also still make your own with a great kit from Earlthley too here.

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