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Cold/Flu/Virus Protocol (Part 4): Nebulizers, Humidifiers, Hydrotherapy, Steam

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

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Raising the humidity level of the air in the room is a age old strategy for helping support healthy airways. Especially in the drier air climates. I pull mine out and put it in the kids rooms when there is coughing or congestion going on.

We love this one that also lets me use essential oils simultaneously.


This is one you all have probably encountered at one time or another growing up with either coughs or croup and sitting in a steamy room while the shower goes or putting a towel over you head and a big bowl of steamy water and inhaling to help clear congestion and airways. Adding a drop of essential oil to the water or walls of a shower (out of the stream of water) can also help!


This is a new tool to us but I've been hearing great things and I noticed congestion difference when I used saline solution vs just water. They can be used to deliver medicine more directly to the lungs but only on instruction from a physician. It's a fine mist and the sodium in the saline had a salty taste as you breath in but it did help clear up some congestion. We have this one with multiple size attachments battery operation option.


This is something that is more of a lesser known home remedy and takes various forms and protocols. I first heard of it from my midwife and then a few years later heard a different protocol from a natropath friend. The premise is to use water and temperature change to stimulate the lymphatic system in your body. I've tried it with Influenza B. The protocol I have used before (you need a helper) is to lie down and cover your body with a very wet towel soaked in hot water (ring it out and make sure it's not too hot to touch) wait till it become lukewarm room temp and then replace it with a cold water soaked towel and cover yourself with that and then a dry towel on top until it warms up to room temp. Then repeat with the warm towel. Another protocol for throats I've heard of is to wrap your neck with towels like this or your feet with a wet sock and then dry sock on top. There are a lot of variations but the premise is using water and the temperature change of hot cold.

Have any of you had any experience with these?

*As always I am not a doctor and please consult your primary care providers before trying at home remedies for ailments.


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