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Cold/Flu/Virus Protocol (Part 3): CPTG Essential Oils

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

These are the ones we use to support our immune systems during cold/flus/viruses.

OnGuard is a custom blend DoTerra makes that’s got great immune system support and some antiviral & antibacterial properties. We will diffuse it plus roll on diluted behind the ears, on feet, on chest multiple times a day during a sickness.

A study in 2007 showed that clove (one of the oils in this blend) had powerful bactericidal and fungicidal processes with additional anti microbial effects against Staphylococcus. I get mine from here.

Frankincense is the king of oils it’s got so many amazing properties and I will put a drop under adult tongues and then roll on diluted topically to my kids. If lost smell occurs this one can still usually trigger some slight scent and is great for daily scent practice to support recovery by just smelling an open bottle.

It is used to reduce inflammation, boost immunity it’s been shown to induce breast cancer cell death It can increase leukocytes activity which help the body fight infection. I get mine here.

Oregano is a hot oil but it’s very effective as an antiviral and immune system support. We use it undiluted to clean with and then diluted as immune system support rolled on topically. A study in 2014 found in some cases oregano oil inactivated non-enveloped murine norovirus within an HOUR of exposure! I get mine here.

Basil we use for ears behind the ears when congested. One study found Basil demonstrated inhibitory properties against bacteria strains like salmonella enteriditis, listeria monoctogenes and others! I get mine here.

Breathe is a realities support blend picture here in the vapor rub form I’ll apply this to the top edge of a pacifier to support clear airways for babies/toddlers at nap or bedtime. Otherwise we will rub some on chests or diffuse the direct oil into the air. 2015 research concluded application of 1,8-cineplex (primary active ingredient in eucalyptus) offered a novel therapeutic approach to reducing infection-induced mucus secretion. Link to the breathe stick.

Stronger kids blend. This one is a custom blend of immune system supporting oils diluted for use on kids. My oldest 3 can roll this on themselves. One study found cedarwood (one of the oils in this blend) it is a variable alternative to other anti-bacterial agents. Link to the roll on.

Whenever using oils be sure to get quality pure organic oils, certified pure therapeutic grade. Quality really matters with these.

Studies I referenced here I read about in this great guide to essential oils usage I highly recommend.

*again I am not a doctor please consult your primary care provider before self treating symptoms with oils. I do not make any claims that these oils cure anything. This is not medical advice*

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