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Formula Changes Because of Consumer Voices

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Power of voting with your dollars!

Updated product alert!

Getting rid of questionable ingredients!!! Yay!

Toxin free hair care is a struggle for sure! It’s hard to formulate let alone get good performance.

If any of you use DoTerra I’m super exited to let you know the NEW line, both the conditioner and shampoo, doesn't have any blacklisted ingredients in them anymore! I love it when companies choose to reformulate and do better with their ingredient choices. Also it’s now curly hair friendly no silicones and sulfates

When we vote with our dollars and companies pay attention things like this can happen! Please note there’s still plenty of other DoTerra products I’m still not happy about their ingredients but super excited to be able to recommend and feel safe to use these ones now!

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