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Shopping Shampoo @ New Seasons

Let's Check out some bottles at the store...

End result… circled ones were ok looking at first glance. The “X’s” were well not so great…

Do you have a product you’d like ingredient checked? I’d love to help you check it! Or if you have some friends who love toxin free education let’s do a workshop to learn together what to look out for!

Alba Botanicals: From that new seasons shelf:

At least 2 big no no’s in this list can you spot them?

Fragrance & Phenoxyethanol. How about the 2Chic one: Again with some great organic ingredients but…. What two toxic ingredients do you see in this (I do apologize for it) blury picture from the new seasons shelf. (I was slightly self conscious of taking product photos with the restocker employee just down the aisle).

I see at least Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol. Be very careful when shopping. So many things can be greenwashed with fancy clean looking marketing claims but then you can never forget to turn over that bottle and actually look at the ingredients. In my book Turn Over The Bottle I have a whole chapter dedicated to teaching consumers what to lookout for and how businesses market products to us. Especially in this last purple one here you can see how they have certified organic ingredients. Which is a great step in the right direction but still not worth the risk in my book. You can find reasons why I avoid Polysorbate, Phenoxyehtanol, Fragrance in my products in my homefront community Facebook group or in my book: Turn Over The Bottle.

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