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Toxin-Free Laundry Price Breakdown

Why I switched detergent. For the past few years I’ve been getting the Norwex powdered detergent (because liquid one had some ingredients in it I wasn’t comfortable with) usually when it’s on sale. Like this liquid one is on sale right now. I got an email about it I thought I’d do a cost breakdown for you all with the sale price!

Norwex Liquid Detergent On Sale: $30 Divide that by 215 loads = 14c per load

But wait you need to add on the shipping cost!

Divide that by 350 loads = 14c per load AND FREE SHIPPING!

Norwex Powder Detergent (What I had been using): When on sale I could get it for under $30 closer to say $20

Divide by 100 loads =20c per load. You still have to add on shipping.

Even if you had a consultant discount and got that to $15 per 100 loads plus shipping it’s still more expensive 🤷‍♀️ Or let’s look at another toxin free laundry detergent I can get behind ingredient wise unlike Norwex liquid.

Molly’s Suds: $23 if you get subscribe and save price

Divide by 120 loads =19cents a load

All Free & Clear for Sensitive Skin: $8 for 58 loads =14cents a load Plus trip to grocery store and new plastic jug each time.

Doing the math this laundry detergent makes “cents” 😆pun intended! Have you tried the Truly Free laundry detergent yet? You can request unscented when you order if you prefer no scent but I love finding a toxin free made in the USA detergent I can have a lovely scent from! We do a lot of laundry in our house and doing the math the switch made economic sense! Especially with price increase right now and inflation! I don’t mind stocking up on the refills they save so much space!

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