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Navigating Triggering Experiences

It hit me like a wall the other day.

A trigger like thought.

Spurred on by a familiar situation happening hours prior. “Wow. That really was so familiar yet totally different. We’ve healed from this we don’t need to revisit it. I have to prep science. Stay distracted the thought will go away.”

I love that I have the mind of Christ and can take thoughts captive. But over the next few days I found myself with the space to unpack my thoughts and reactions as a testament of where I was and where I am now. While also solidifying the massive difference of the past and present.

Reiterating the narrative that things weren’t what they seemed back then.

And that thought.

That thought of wow this familiar present situation highlights the dramatic difference and untowardness of the past brings some passing piece of grief.

This is what it was meant to be not that.

Triggers can happen. Wether we realize it or not.

I love to see the enemy try and find that it has no power here anymore in my mind. I also love that I can take a moment to grieve and move through the emotion of sadness and move on with the day (thank you Connection Codes training)

We all have stories. We all have things that can bring on an emotion and I’m so thankful for reminders sometimes of the faithfulness of God to help bring freedom and remove the sting.

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