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Giving Away Our Energy To Things We Can't Control

How much of your mental and emotional energy do you give to things or people you can’t control?

It surprises me still how often and how much I’m giving power to hypothetical situations or responses from people I can’t control. How much of my day and emotional capacity gets used up sorting through what if scenarios or questions why? As if understanding why over and over in your brain will somehow magically change reality.

I’ve noticed usually after the fact how much mental energy I’ll use up in a day sorting through what if’s. Thinking of All potential consequences of my choices when instead I really could be living in the moment more than the endless possible futures and dealing with whatever consequences arise in the moment then and not taking responsibility for things outside my control.

Because all I can bring is my best I can’t predict the future.

When you grow up constantly trying to learn to blend in despite your skin color making you stand out and giving away your status. It becomes a hard habit to unlearn and instead discover who you uniquely are without needing to blend in.

Because this world needs uniquely you and uniquely me to just be you and just be me in order to see the beauty of a creator hidden in each one of us humans made in His image and the blessings and gifts we’ve been uniquely designed to give this world without fear of being misunderstood because really there are people out there that will truly take the time to get to know uniquely you and uniquely me and love you and love me just the way we are while also being able to call us back to whose we are whenever we get sidetracked by the things around us that are unimportant.

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