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Event Coordinating During a Riot - Motherhood Re-entry

From diaper changes to maneuvering between protests & riot police. It’s been a crazy week!

I worked to lead dozens of volunteers through a safe outdoor event in the middle of political demonstrations a few blocks away that led to us having to shelter in place for awhile. It was intense!

And today I’m back to the simplicity of motherhood duties. Teaching communication principles to two and four year olds.

When a few days ago I was watching grown adults fail at it and generate fear in an entire nation.

Trekking food from the fridge in the garage to the kitchen (kitchen fridge is broken still) to feed the tiny humans so they can grow to require even more food.

The stark contrast of the past few days is not lost on me.

The warm hugs of innocence and blissful ignorance sooth away the tension I didn’t even realize I’d carried as I calmly reassured volunteers that tear gas wouldn’t come through the ventilation should the police need to resort to such peace keeping measures outside.

In some ways it feels like a Wonder Woman experience in two drastically different contexts and tools but the same person executing both jobs.

What can I say. Being a TCK and mom must prepare one for navigating tense political protests, that happen upon your unrelated event, with grace.

If you can stay calm during toddler temper tantrums on 3 hours of sleep what’s a mob of black masked drum beating angry adults in comparison.

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